How to make a perpetual calendar

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Sign registration waiver. Put your apron on to protect your clothing.

If necessary, sand any rough corners of your wood board with sand paper. Set sand paper aside for distressing later.

Select your paint colors and paint both your board and wood circles. Don't forget to paint the outside edges. Paint the board first and allow some drying time.

When painting your wooden discs, be sure to not get paint in the holes at the top and bottom.

Distress board and discs with sandpaper if desired for look.

Cut the vinyl horizontally between the large words 'Family Birthdays' and the small months. You will now have two vertical strips of vinyl.

Carefully and slowly remove the stiff backing from the thinner vinyl sticker backing. Place the image face down on the board and center it until you achieve desired positioning.

Using craft stick, rub over the top of the vinyl and backing sheet to transfer the vinyl to the wood. Start on the left and be sure to rub over entire surface area of letter. Slowly peel up to check.

If the transfer is incomplete &some of the letter is still sticking to backing, simply lay it back down & rub again to complete transfer. Repeat this process with the month strips near board bottom.

Screw the eye hooks into the bottom of the board. If you have difficulty getting them in, you can start the hole off with a gentle tap of hammer and nail to guide screw placement.

Write names and date on the circles with a sharpie. Be mindful that the placement of holes is vertical before you write. The circles will hang by the holes so pay attention to directionality.

Hang circles from the eye hooks using the s-hook hardware provided. Your kit contains 24 discs. Additional discs can be purchased for $1 each, if needed. Enjoy your calendar!

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