How To: Make a Set of Beautiful Cards With Art Anthology!

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After a quick coat of gesso painted on my pre-cut cardstock bases, I added some beautiful texture with my Diamond Grunge Stencil and texture paste.

After adding a few sprays of water to my texture, I sprayed a few sprays of Siesta Key Spray.

Next I added a couple dribbles of Immaculate Minx Shimmering Ink. Tilting the cardstock, I let it run down and around on the page until I liked how it looked. The shimmer it adds is magical!!

Here you can see them after they were dry.

Now to add a bit of purple, I water down some of my gorgeous Orchid Velvet Paint, and apply specs of color by tapping my paintbrush around over each card.

With a little chipboard and lots of pretty flowers, I adorn the front of the cards. After they are all glued down, I add a couple of sayings and butterflies.

You cardstock can warp a bit using paints, sprays, and water on them, I like to use a nice strong tape to attach the front of the cards to the blank card bases. It flattens them out quite nicely!

I hope you enjoy today's tutorial and have fun making some of your own handmade cards!!

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