How to make an awesome warm salad with parsnips

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This serves 4 people.

Boil the beetroots, depending on the size and how fresh they are it varies from 30-50 minutes.

Cut the parsnips in quarters. Sprinkle thyme on top and drizzle the pieces with honey.

Also add olive oil.

Cook for about 10 minutes. Turn the parsnips after half that time.

After around 10 minutes add sliced goat's cheese.

Like so.

The parsnips and the cheese should cook another 10 minutes.

When the beetroots are done rinse them under cold water, and peel.

Add spinach and or salad leaves to a plate. Then add the red beets, cut in quarters. On top add the baked parsnips and the cheese. Finally add fresh thyme and olive oil.

Look at these amazing colors!

Serve as it is, with bread or with meat.

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