How to raid using the "gowipe" strategy in clash of clans

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Before you even begin using the strategy, you must get a tablet or a phone (ignore this if you have a tablet or a phone already).

Now, download the game "Clash Of Clans" from the app store or google play store (Depending on what brand of device you have).

Next, spend a couple of years playing the game patiently to get to town hall 8(If not already town hall 8)

Now you need to upgrade barracks to lvl 10, dark barracks to lvl 4, spell factory to lvl 3, dark spell factory to lvl 2, and army camps to lvl 6. Also, buy the king(recommended for town hall 8)

Now that you've upgraded everything, it's time to train your troops! You'll need to train 5 archers, 4 wallbreakers, 13 wizards, 3 P.E.K.K.A.s, and 2 golems.

For your spells, you'll need 1 rage spell, 1 poison spell, and 4 earthquake spells.

Now it's time for the raid! First, place the 4 earthquake spells all in the same wall components that you want (depending on if you want your troops to funnel into the base or not).

Next, choose the side you will attack on. Place both your golems on that side, but in different places.

Now, back up the golems with the wallbreakers(2 for each golem).

Depending on when the clan castle troops spawn(Ignore this step ONLY when there are no clan castle troops), place your poison spell on them.

Since you've started your raid, it's no better but to continue it! Place your wizards down behind the golems in a line so they can destroy the outer buildings to bring in the P.E.K.K.A.s and the king.

Once the wizards have cleared out the outer buildings, put in your P.E.K.K.A.s and king right behind the wizards so they can funnel into the base.

Once the troops have funneled in, you should put in your rage spell on the troops and watch the raid proceed.

Now, when your troops die off, put your archers down on buildings that the defenses can't reach for extra percentages (Ignore this if you got a 3-star)

This does not have a permanent spot because this step is for the king. When your king is lvl 5, he gets an ability. You use this ability by clicking on the king icon. When he has low health, use it.

So, when should you be satisfied about your raid? Here's the answer. You should get at least 1 star, meaning you have won the raid. (A.k.a. you're victorious).

I hope this guide has helped you with using the "GOWIPE" strategy!

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