How to make choc coconut slice

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At the end of this Snapguide you will have hopefully made the perfect Choc Coconut Slice.

Make sure you wash your hands with soap and that you are wearing an apron before you start baking.

Next, gather your materials: Coconut, self raising flour, plain flour, caster sugar, butter and cocoa.

Put some baking paper into a medium sized container to use later.

Measure out all your ingredients.

Then sieve the plain flour, self raising flour and cocoa together.

Put the coconut and brown sugar in a bowl.

Mix the butter in a pot over low heat until it has all melted.

Once the butter has melted add the coconut and brown sugar to the butter and mix.

Next add the plain flour, self raising flour and cocoa to the mixture. Mix until well combined.

Take of the heat and add one egg.

Mix all the ingredients together.

Pour the mixture into your prepared container.

Flatten out the mixture onto the baking paper.

After flattening it all out it should look like this.

Put it in the fringe for about one hour or until cool.

Now it's time to make the icing.

After your mixture has cooled down take 200g of chocolate and pour into a small heatproof jug.

Put the small heatproof jug into a big heatproof jug and pour the boiling water into the big jug. Make sure not to get any water on the chocolate.

Mix the chocolate until melted, you could also melt the chocolate in the microwave.

After mixing it should look like this.

After melting the chocolate pour the water into a bucket to save water.

Pour the melted chocolate onto the slice.

Spread the melted chocolate so it covers the whole thing.

Put into the fridge and leave until it has set.

When it has set go around the edge of the container with a blunt knife so the slice can come out.

Pull the slice out of the container, if it doesn't come out easily go around with the knife again.

Cut up the slice into little squares. Make sure to have adult supervision while doing this.

There you have it your perfect slice, now sit back with your friends and enjoy your yummy creation.


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