How to concoct ginger mint eucalyptus lollies

Fill each cube mould of an ice cube tray 1/3 with water and freeze it.

For the lollypop sticks, cut bamboo skewers in half with kitchen scissors, be careful not to to leave splintered edges.

Take 6 tablespoons of ginger mint tea.

If its still hot, put it in the freezer to cool down. Perhaps enjoy a cup while you wait!

Add sugar, lemon juice and tea to a saucepan.

Heat over medium heat stirring constantly until sugar dissolves. To check that it has all dissolved, examine a little of the liquid in a spoon, it should be clear with no little granules.

Bring to the boil, stir very occasionally. But keep watching it.

You will see the liquid change colour to deep golden, if you have a candy thermometer the ideal temperature is between 138-139C (280-300F).

As your liquid approaches the deep golden stages, prepare your now frozen ice cube trays with bamboo lollypop sticks. I was a bit slow with this and my toffee went slightly over temp.

Turn off the heat, stir and tap the liquid to get the bubbles out.

Mix in the eucalyptus oil.

No beauty prizes here but great for a sore throat. Pop them in the freezer and apply as needed. The flavour is sweet and spicy.


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