How to craft a mug for dad for father's day

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Use painter's tape to mask the rim and handle of the glass mug.

Download this free printable word art from our website: Cut out on the dashed lines.

Line up the circle punch to cut out the printed circles. If the paper seems too flimsy to punch neatly, you can fold it in half before punching. Punch out one of the sayings, also.

Decide what tissue paper colors and patterns you will use for your mug.

Tear the tissue paper into strips for the first layer on your mug.

Cut out various elements from the patterned tissue paper and decide how you would like to arrange the pieces. Use ModPodge to adhere them to the mug like you did in step 6.

Turn the mug over and use ModPodge to adhere one of the sayings to the bottom of the mug. Be sure that the words are facing the inside of the mug.

When Dad looks inside, he'll have a reminder of how much he means to you.

Remove the tape from the rim and the handle. Tie a piece of twine or jute around the rim of your mug if desired.

That's it! Dad's mug isn't made for drinking from, but it will do a great job of holding his pens, pencils and other tools.

We would love to see YOUR completed Mug for Dad! Upload a photo to our Facebook page:

Watch the video: DIY. Water Marble Mugs with Only 2 Ingredients!! Easy Gift idea!


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