How to cook greek pasticio for 12 people

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Step one: Create meat mixture

Small dice your onion

Roughly chop your Italian parsley

Brown the ground chuck with the onions till meat cooked and onions translucent

Add parsley and simmer until wilted.

Drain the grease.

Add the meat back into the pan with the canned tomato and simmer about 10 minutes

Add two tablespoons of cinnamon - the magic ingredient!

Step Two: Prepare your pasta noodles

Prepare the pasta water with salt and oil to prevent sticking.

Cook your noodles until they are half-way done, just enough that they are flexible and still easy to handle.

Step Three: Create bechamel sauce

Shred the cheese

Make your white roux using flour and oil stirring until smooth with a flat-bottom spoon.

Slowly incorporate the half gallon of milk into the roux on medium heat, beating with whisk until thick and creamy. Take off heat and add eggs and cheese and whisk briskly until fully incorporated.

Step Four: Assemble

Layer the meat mixture on top of a layer of breadcrumbs (to soak up any excess liquid)

Drizzle bechamel sauce on layer of meet.

Cover with a layer of noodles. Form another layer of meat, cream and noodles.

Spread the cream sauce until a nice, thick even layer has been applied.

Add remaining cream. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 1 hour. Remove and let stand about 30 minutes. Cut into rectangles and serve with a nice hearty Greek salad. .

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