How to paint twisted sisters

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I'm working in my art journal today. This is a page that has a hole in it an some excess spray from another project long ago. lol But! I'm still going to use it.

I start by applying a coat of Gesso over the entire page.

I love to use my Art Anthology Craft Mat as my palette. It makes for easy clean-up in the end.

Starting in the center of the page, I apply Limeaid Velvet mixing it with Lemon Tart Velvet. I mixed it with some Reef Velvet. Then, I mix Reef Velvet with Tuxedo until I get to the edges of the page.

Look at this yummy Art Anthology mixing! When I'm finished painting, I simply while it off my craft mat. If it's dry, I can peel it off or scrape it off with a straight edge, like an old credit card.

Here, I've added subtle shades of tall trees and branches.

Here I added a slight haze of fog that will be hanging just above the ground.

Here, I'm adding in darker trees, which bring them closer to the forefront. I'm also painting in the ground with Tuxedo Velvet.

I used a white charcoal pencil to sketch in my witches.

Adding more trees with thicker Tuxedo Velvet and painting in my witch sisters.

To complete the page, I painted in a black kitty...just like my Beauty. :D

This is the completed page!

I add a tag in to note where I learned this lesson from and when and where I shared it on the blog.

Until next time...

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