How to make 'froga' pasta omelette from malta🇲🇹

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The ingredients

Boil the pasta al dente. Or, Use pasta leftovers; make sure it doesn't have too much sauce

If boiling your pasta Let them cool down

Grate the Parmesan cheese

Crush the pepper..if using pepper corns. Otherwise add 1 tsp of black pepper

Chop the parsley

Beat the two eggs

Add salt and pepper

Add parmesan

Add parsley


And.. Add over cooled pasta

I am using a frying pan 21cm base. And you split the pasta into 2. Or▶️

Or, If you have 26cm frying pan. Then you do them in one omlette

Add 1 tbsp olive oil

Split the mixture into half

Cook on medium heat 5 mins until golden and crispy. Turn over and cook 5 more mins.

Turn over and cook 5 more mins

Serve immediatley

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