How to use decorative tape to wrap a package

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Cover a piece of computer paper with decorative tape. I am using tape that is 2" wide on an A4 size piece of paper.

Cover the back of the paper too.

Your page should look like this.

Cut off the tape outside of the paper because it is difficult to cut using a punch and you do not need it.

Using a circle punch or cutting by hand with a template, make as many circles as you can from the one sheet of paper.

The circles will look something like this.

Trace a small round object to make a small circle. Smaller than your "petal" circles.

Cut out your circle.

Fold your petal circles in half. These are the ones that you have cut using your circle punch.

Fold in the centers of the circles to make triangles.

Like this.

Voila. Your triangle shape.

Triangle shape.

And so on...

Until you are happy with the fullness of your flower.

You can also tape on one side of your copy paper for contrast.

Tape your box. I am using a wine box that I bought at the Container Store. I taped the box just on the top instead of across the magnetic close. This way, you can use the box again.

Voila! That's a wrap!

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