How to Make Dessert Buffet for the Grill

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Supplies! Sugar cones, marshmallows, chocolate bar, chopped fruit, cookies crumbled..but we have used peanut butter, nutella and any kind of baking chip. You get the idea..whatever is handy

Fill and layer with your ingredients then loosely wrap in aluminum foil. Make sure to mark everyone's name. Then place on warm grill, or in oven (350) for about 5 minutes.

Once done unwrap and enjoy!

Favorite reason I love this is because its a great way to get rid of the last banana or last few strawberries. We had a few cookies left and crushed those up too. And an easy way to feed a crowd!

Watch the video: 3 Ridiculous Desserts on the Grill: Churro Quesadillas, Banana Boats. FOODBEAST KITCHEN


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