How to Cook Beef Casserole

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Ingredientstopside beef, fresh herbs and dried bay leaves, onions, and any veggies as desired

Tie up the thyme and rosemary, so it's easier to pick them out

Dice beef to three centimeter cubes

Slice onions, chop up the garlic

Heat up a pan with some oil, add beef cubes in batches, add more oil in the next batch until all beef are browned

Leave beef in the casserole pot, add onion and garlic, and a table spoon of plain flour, stir fry on medium heat until soft. Turn the heater on and preheat to 180 degrees.

Add onion back to the pot with the beef, add red wine, diced tomatoes, herbs, and make sure the liquid just covers the meat, otherwise add more water or beef stock, season with salt and pepper.

Mix well to leave beef sit comfortably in sauce, put the lid on and put into the oven. Now enjoy the rest of the red wine and come back in two hours, put the veggies in for half an hour more.


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