How to Renew a Pair of Faded Gold Earrings

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Lay earring on paper

Choose a color nail polish. You can also use a gold or silver nail polish if you'd like.

Begin painting one side of the earring with one coat

After applying first coat, apply a second and let dry for about 10 mins

When dry, turn over and repeat steps 3 & 4

This is how it should look

Next hold Earring by stem and paint all the areas missed

Now apply top coat. This will protect the polish and make it look shiny new.

Find a place afterwards to hang the earring to dry. I used the wires on my television lol

You now have a new pair of earrings. The great thing about this is. If you want to change the color you can just use nail polish remover and change it. It lasts a long time though

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