How to Cook a Great Steak, Egg & Chips

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The chips I like to use but can use any or make your own

Any steak will do but try get good quality cuts

Some fresh eggs

Take your steak out and let it get to room temperature

When its room temperature your ready to go

Pre heat your oven instructions are on the back of the bag , making your own 200° till golden brown

All round golden brown lol

Almost ready get going on the rest

Griddle pan

Pan for the eggs

Add some oil to the pan for the eggs

Once cooked take of the heat

Turn your steak once only

Cooking times for a steak 1.5-2cm thickBlue 1-2 minutes each side Rare3-4 minutes each side Medium4-6 minutes each side Well done6 minutes each side then reduce the heat to finish cooking

Add seasoning to your steak

Plate up on to a hot plate

Add steak after you let it rest for 5 mins

Add your eggs


I like to have it with sour cream


And hot sause


Ready to go enjoy !!!

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