How to Keep Your Dog Entertained

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Sometimes I don't want to play fetch with my dog, so I do this instead. And he loves it!

At my house, we drink a lot of Pepsi, so I never seem to run out of boxes. This is an easy, inexpensive way to keep your dog entertained.

You'll need a tennis ball and a soda box.

A dog is also a critical part of this process.

Put the tennis ball on the soda box aaaand...

Put the box on the floor.

Let your dog know he can get it and prepare to be entertained.

Maybe help him out, and in no time, he'll have the ball right at your feet!

I think this is really funny to watch. It's kind of like a kong toy, and you can watch your dog discover new ways to get the ball.

Since the cardboard is destroyed easily, I suggest having several on hand :)

Watch the video: DIY Dog Food Toys - Boredom Busters - Environmental Enrichment - Dog Training


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