How to Extract the Maximum Amount of a Nectarine's Flesh

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Most people who either consume a nectarine by biting or cutting chunks off always leave the core with a substantial amount of flesh. I find this to be such a waste.

Well, obviously you're gonna need a nectarine. This works best with a firm nectarine.

A serrated knife is preferable.

Wash your nectarine.

Now, with the serrated knife, cut your nectarine from the top to the bottom, always maintaining contact with the core. Like so. (Just ignore the part where I almost cut my finger).

Once you've cut the nectarine into fairly equal pieces, insert your knife in between and simply try to break off the pieces. Like so.

Once you've broken off all the pieces, you're left with a core with almost no flesh attached to it. You've extracted almost the entire nectarine, no waste at all!

Enjoy your freshly cut nectarines.

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