How to Make Woofum Sticks

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3/8 inch round dowels

Assembly instructions1. Cut the 1-1/4 inch round dowel into 3 inch sections. You will have 12 , 3 inch dowels.

1-1/4 inch round dowel not attached to smaller dowel.

2. Use a drill press to drill a 1 inch deep hole in one end of the 3 inch pieces you cut. Drill the hole in the center of the dowel.

Drilled hole in one end of 3 inch dowel 1-1/4 inch.

3. Use wood glue inside drilled hole to attach dowel. Let glue dry overnight.

Two different dowel sizes attached together

4. Sand edges of 3 inch pieces and make rounded edges. This is the end your biscuit will be placed. Repeat steps 1-4 until all dowels are assembled.

My woofum sticks that are 3 years old.

5. Soak the larger ends of your woofum sticks on vegetable oil, immersed for 24 hours. Soaking the long stick farther up ensures a nonstick surface and helps the wood not burn over the fire.

A completed woofum stick

6. Wipe or soak or spray sticks with vegetable oil before each use. Enjoy with woofum recipe cooking instructions. You place the fat end into the fire.

36 inch wooden dowels

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